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14th April 2021



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Private Equity Investment

We uncover value by enhancing their performance, management support, enhancing governance standards, improving relationships, providing strategic insights and operational support in addition to injecting the equity capital. Our fund helps our investee companies to initiate growth plans, new business initiatives, and game changing acquisition and improve system to support their long-term plans.

We help entrepreneurs running SMEs to scale up their operations by injecting equity and providing relevant technical assistance.  Our investment approach is based on disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalyst for increased value.

Investment Criteria

Can invest up to 80% of total equity.

Invests from Rs. 5 million to 100 million.

IRR – minimum 15%

Company should have net assets less than 500 million.

Your “company”/parent company must be in operation for at least two years

There should be a set of books showing actual data of previous years.

Adhere to government standards and governance.

Investment Process

Project Concept Note

Full Application

Preliminary Review

Client Visit

Preliminary Evaluation

Due Diligence Review

Investment Report

Evaluation by the Investment Committee of HINL

Exclusive Benefits

Access to expert advice for system and governance.

Access to permanent capital, without the added pressure of timed exits.

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