Founded in 2009, Hathaway is a leading provider of private equity to the energy industry, real estate, eco-tourism, and stockmarket. With more than 100 million rupees in assets under management, Hathway targets investment opportunities with proven management team that possess a clear vision and understanding of companies that have sustainable competitive advantages within well-defined segments of our strategies in our investment sectors. We provide our financial knowledge for stock market investment, restructuring of risk industries, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and we are keen seek to finance any projects that qualify Hathway’s investment requirements.Hathway’s has an unique and well-versed team for management of investments in the areas of real estate, stocks, eco-tourism, mergers and acquisitions, and energy-focused private equity funds because it is comprised of individuals who have invested in and have first hand experience in such sectors spanning the entire length of their careers, as well as individuals with decades of technical, operational, and executive-level experience in both public and private investment firms. The combination of these collective disciplines gives Hathway investment team unique insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with the sectors of energy, real estate, eco-tourism, investment banking, and stock market in the emerging market of Nepal. This makes us the ideal partner for management teams seeking a truly value-added financial sponsor that will bring more to the relationship than just capital.

Our Expert Team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people, who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges


Hemraj Dhakal


Ambika Prasad Paudel

Managing Director

Nawaraj Nepal


Kamal Prasad Aryal

Independent Director